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    New Urethane Bandsaw Tires

    Awhile back, I bought a used Jet 12" bandsaw. The tires were dry rotted & slipping around like crazy. So, I bought a set of urethane tires & put them on today.
    Let me tell you, they were hard to install.

    I soaked them in warm water & by the time I got them installed, they were cold again.
    I used Ty-wraps to hold them on the wheel while I stretched them out around the rim.
    My old arthritic hands just can't do the work they used to.

    But, I got them done & I am sure happy about that.
    "Be happy in your work"...Colonel Saito
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    Re: New Urethane Bandsaw Tires

    Note to all:

    Next time use the plastic "tire irons" used for bicycle tires. About $4 at most bicycle shops for a package of three.

    The tip has been submitted.
    Huntington Beach, California

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