I've been seriously considering a sawmill for about a year. First big issue is power source. You guys know about my cardio issues. So, I was "forced" ino the" electric power only" category. Next, I discovered swing blade (SBM) and fell in love all over again. I really like the concept. It suits my needs perfectly. And, there seems to be a lot of them around with electric power; at least more so than the smaller portable BSM. Next, just purely from the cost perspective I've decided the more reasonable course is a DIY mill. I may be wrong, but an SBM seems less complicated and more compact than a BSM. Everything is great. I'll build my electric SBM and life will be perfect!

Today I'm reading a sawmill forum where they're discussing BSM vs.SBM and low and behold their prevailing opinion seems to be that going electric SBM requires at least doubling the HP over gas/diesel. Plus I need to go 3ph, which is not even available at the desired location. OK I say, I need a suitable phase converter. This is where the discussion goes into which type converter is best. (Seems all converters convert, but some are more diligent than others.) I didn't even know there were "types" of converters.

Right now I'm on my couch watching my ship of dreams sink slowly into a sea of despair. I'll close with a few

Would going electric start on a petro engine solve my associated cardio issues?

Why would switching to electric from petro require doubling the HP to get the same performance? (I've
always thought it went the other way. Double the petro to get close to electric.)

I'll close for now. I'm outa' Kleenex and need to go to CVS.

Thanks for listening.