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    Some More Sign Practice

    I've been playing around with clearing out background area and leaving text raised for the last week or so. For this little sign, made for a friend who refers to her house as Chez Dan - that's the dog's name - I used Inkscape and then JScut for the CAM part. I used sticky back shelf liner on the wood before cutting for the first time and it worked really well keeping the paint off of the tops of the text. The top and bottom darker wood was gardening stakes from the local hardware store.

    Came out kinda cool. Definitely things I would do differently the next time, but that's all part of the learning process. Also...note how crazy close the end mill got to the top dark wood - that arc nearly went off the pine. The little 3040 CNC can make some razor thin cuts. For the end mill I used a set bought in eBay that were old PCB cutters. This one was a .0625 end mill. The whole cut took a little over an hour.

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    Re: Some More Sign Practice

    Dan - yer really a'rockin an a'rollin

    Looks GREAT
    Art and Creativity - Collide with the Functionality of CNC - priceless
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