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    A Backlit Plexiglass Sign

    This was fun. I have wanted to try this for a while and found some time today. The first try didn't work out - I used a Dremmel diamond cut bit but it just melted the plexiglass, it was ugly. Then I tried a very small, 1/16th, one flute cutter but I got my code wrong and it drilled too deep and snapped the bit right off. (The little steppers on this 3040 CNC are extremely strong).

    Then I tried a very tiny engraving v-bit at a very fast, 75ipm, feed rate and that seemed to work out fine.

    Some pics and a video.

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    Re: A Backlit Plexiglass Sign

    Ohhh - you are just rockin - and rollin NOW
    Art and Creativity - Collide with the Functionality of CNC - priceless
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