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    Ha - Chinese CNC Mix Up

    I'm really digging this new 3040 cnc. Fast, quiet, super accurate, easy to change cutters and a bunch of other things, but until this evening I hadn't cut any text. I'd just been cutting gears and shapes that were symmetrical. When I tried a quick cut just goofing around it did the job backwards. Hmmmm.

    Then I remembered when I built my DIY CNC that I had originally plugged in my x and y steppers in the wrong slot. So I swapped the x and y on the new CNC and like magic it cut correctly. I had plugged in the steppers into the sockets that were labeled for them, but either the painter person in China, or the wiring person mixed something up. But it works fine now by just swapping those plugs.

    In the pic you can see the backwards and vertical cut compared to the correct horizontal one.

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    Re: Ha - Chinese CNC Mix Up


    This is becoming a a great testament to Chinese made Routers.

    I am really glad it is working out well for you.

    Looks like a really nice setup
    Art and Creativity - Collide with the Functionality of CNC - priceless
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