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Thread: Oak desk

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    Re: Oak desk

    Brian, I'm afraid it's just a result of the Oak being at much different MC than the present environment. When it acclimated, it moved and you are seeing the result of that movement.

    The questions I would have are:

    • What was the MC of the lumber when you bought it?
    • What is the EMC of your shop or the MC of the lumber when the desk was completed?
    • What is the EMC of the room where the desk was situated?
    If you know the average temperature and relative humidity, you can know the EMC and the RH is really the important number. Temps between 40 degrees and 80 degrees don't have a lot of effect on the MC.

    I've read too many comments on ww forums where people have stated that they work all the time with air-dried wood and "have never had a problem." Well, it only takes one occasion of putting time and money into a project and then seeing ruined because the wood was not sufficiently dried before use. The more complicated the project (read expensive) the more devastating the failure.

    "The reverence that the object maker has for the materials, for the shape, and for the miracle of his skill transcends to God, the Master Craftsman, the Creator of all things, who uses us, our hands, as His tools to make these beautiful things." Sam Maloof (1916-2009).
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    Re: Oak desk

    Cody, all lumber that I use comes from a sawmill where the wood is kiln dried. I have made quite a few pieces with wood from this lumber yard and never had a problem before. Still believe the problem was from her leaving her laptop on the desk, turned on.
    Some one else suggested to her to put a piece of glass on the desk, raised on little rizers.
    don't know if this will help, but she said she was going to give it a try.
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