I think that I've mentioned what a poor job the previous owner did on just about every repair or remodeling job he did on this house. Well, when we got a couple of warm days, I decided to replace the defective motion sensor switch in the garage. I couldn't connect the ground since the PO ran 12/2 with ground but cut the ground off at every box I've opened. Not a big problem, since I plan to start rewiring in the Spring.

When I went out to the garage later that evening, the lights were on. Same thing the next morning. Turns out that the switch will not operate unless both ground wires on the switch are connected to ground. My plan was to run a new line to the switch and continue the rewiring when the weather warmed up, or try to put a temporary pigtail ground in if he actually connected. Then the temperature dropped! Hopefully it will be warm enough to do the pigtail when I get home this afternoon, or at least put the old switch back in for the time being.

This guy was a welder, and even had an electric welder in the garage. You'd think he'd know a little something about wiring correctly!