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    Shellac vs dewaxed shellac

    Had a customer come into the hardware store where I work and ask for some dewaxed shellac. No ones in the store had heard of it before. Iíve heard of it but never had the occasion to use any. The Zinnser shellac did not indicate anywhere on the can if it was dewaxed, so I assumed it wasnít. We called several other hardware stores in the area (not the big box ones) and the local Sherwin Williams store but no one there had heard of dewaxed shellac. I told him to check with the local Woodcraft or Rockler.
    I know it is used as a primer/sealer on certain wood, but not really sure when it should be used or exactly how it differs from regular shellac or how to tell if the can is dewaxed or not. Also, what are some of the better brands to use.
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    Re: Shellac vs dewaxed shellac

    The Zinsser SealCoat is their dewaxed shellac.


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