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Thread: Spokeshaves

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    I'm interesting in acquiring spokeshaves for use. But, I am totally ignorant about them. I bought a couple of cheapies (HF) to experiment with but got frustrated and laid them aside. What do I look for with regard to quality? What should I avoid? Any tricks or tips would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Spokeshaves

    There is a wide variety of spokeshaves on the maket.

    I like the elderly Stanley 151 or Record 151 of the flat soled variety. They work very well within their limitations and are easy to set and not too expensive secondhand.

    For concave shapes it would be nice to have a round soled spokesheave. I once had a round soled Stanley 51 but it never worked properly in my hands. I have heard other complain about the same problem. I suspect that the curve of the sole was too severe to give it enough stability.

    For some kinds of end grain work it would also be practical to have a low angle spokeshave. Their design hasn't changed much since the viking age.
    They generally have the blade right at the bottom with the bevel upwards. In the old days all spokeshaves were made that way only with different bevel angles. The blade had two tangs that protruded upwards through the wooden body. The tangs were held by friction and the depth of cut was set by knocking them in or out with a hammer.
    I think it would be pretty easy to make one. I just haven't gotten around to do it yet. I have thought about adding some kind of screw adjustment to the old design.

    This is all I know...... I hope other members have more knowledge to add.
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