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    Wood Lathe Cage / Guard

    I have a couple of Delta 46-222 lathes in my classroom.

    Both lathes have retro-fitted plexi-glass guards. Both are about 30" long and neither have labels. One has three plex panels with silver framing. The other has a half-round yellow frame and a curved plex panel. Long before I took over, both of the guards were spattered with wax/varnish/who knows? and now they are pretty useless.

    I am looking into replacing the three flat panels in the silver frame and will try to find a curved lens for the other. I have also found a few models online that are wire in the back and plex in the front. But I am pretty sure that any plex guard will just get gooped up/scratched again. What I would REALLY like is a pair of cages 30-36" long rather than plex.

    I know Delta used to make a wire cage kit but I can't find the model # anywhere.

    Anyone have any leads on used cages/new retro-fit cages?
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    Re: Wood Lathe Cage / Guard

    I have a Delta cage somewhere. I bought it when Woodworker's Whorehouse went out of business. Never used it. No idea where the heck it is. Probably in my Dad's barn where my shop was 100 years ago...
    Not something you would want to ship... I am not sure how effective it would have been. It would stop big pieces - but small chunks, the big chips when rough turning, dust, finish spray all will go through it. I wasted my money on it, I know that...

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