I posted this elsewhere and thought that it may be worth of reposting here.

This procedure will work on either left or right tilting saws. Note that a right tilting saw uses left hand threads on the arbor while a left tilting saw uses right hand or normal threads.

Un-plug the table saw.

Raise the blade to full height.

Take a piece of scrap wood or wooden push stick and feed it into the blade teeth as if cutting. This immobilizes the blade and arbor.

Place the wrench over the nut and pull the wrench toward you. This will loosen the arbor nut.

Reach into the throat, place your fingers under the arbor and with your thumb spin the top of the nut toward you. Catch the nut with your fingers.

Place the nut on the table saw away from the throat. Remove the arbor washer and place it next to the nut.

Use both hands and guide the saw blade off of the arbor and place the blade in its storage place. Note how the teeth of the blade are pointing toward you.

Install the new blade with the teeth pointing toward you.

Place the arbor washer on the arbor shaft.

Hold the nut between your fingers and thumb. Thread the nut onto the arbor shaft using your thumb to push the top of the nut away from you. Snug the nut as tight as possible with your fingers.

Put the wrench on the nut and while holding the blade between thumb and fingers, push the wrench away from you. When the nut is snug, pull the blade toward you so that the wrench rests on the throat opening. Grip the blade between thumb and forefinger. Pull the blade toward you until you can't make it any tighter.

Lower the blade, install the throat plate and plug the saw in.

Stand to the side and turn the saw on for a few seconds.

The blade is now as tight as it needs to be and the saw is ready for use.