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    Freehand sawing on the table saw.

    This is the setup I use for sawing away the waney edges from slabs and unedged boards freehand on the table saw.
    I use a straightedge and draw a line on the boardwhere I want to saw. The plywood piece is screwed to a batten that is clamped to the fence with two clamps. Then the front edge of the plywood is set in line with the saw blade by adjusting the fence. Now it is easy to get a fairly straight cut as it is easy to see if the pencil line on the wood is right below the edge of the plywood. This makes the work go faster and reduces the risk for a kickback as the cut gets straighter and is less likely to bind.

    However I always take care NOT to stand at the end of a board or slab being sawn when working freehand. Never ever. If it kicks back I want to be out of the way and I prefere getting wood splinters under the skin of my hands over getting my genitals crushed.

    I do NOT guarantee that this method is safe (especially not to novices) and do not promote it as a safe practice but at least I think it is a lot safer and also more accurate than ordinary freehand sawing the way most people do it with the top guard removed and just sighting along the blade.
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