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Thread: New from Iowa

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    New from Iowa

    Hi, I'm Chris Judas. I live in Iowa and I am looking for any and all suggestions on what type/size of machine I should get. I am close to retiring and want to make signs, lithos and whatever else I can think of. I want to work mainly with wood, plastics and acrylics. I don't need a huge machine but I don't want to buy one and wish right away that I had gone bigger. Do people have a pref. on what software is best? Any specific brand of machine? I have been looking and like the looks of the Rocklers, Romaxx and Probotix but not sure how to decide.

    I look forward to hearing from everyone.

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    Re: New from Iowa

    Welcome, Chris! I grew up in Iowa - mostly in the Britt and Carroll areas. Good to have you!

    I'm assuming you're talking CNC machines - Cool! Do you have any interest in building your own or do you want a pre-made system? What size projects are you looking to build ... signs come in a wide range of sizes but it's possible to do them in pieces with the right software.

    I'm a Vectric user, myself, after several hours of evaluating a few packages. They've got the features and usability that I like and works for me.

    You might post this question in the CNC forum - that way folks coming around later down the road will be able to easily find the discussion.

    Welcome aboard!
    Jason Beam
    Sacramento, CA
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    Re: New from Iowa

    Thanks Beamer. I live 35 miles NE of Carroll, in Rockwell City.
    I am looking for a total package machine that could handle a 24"-36" long sign. I am TOTALLY new to this so any info/insight would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: New from Iowa

    Hi Chris and Welcome to the Forum

    We are GLAD to have you join us.

    I am assuming you are talking about a CNC Router.

    We do have a strong budding CNC Router forum growing here and we WELCOME new members.

    In addition to a strong and growing CNC Router Forum - we have our foundation in some GREAT woodworking. There are several people here that are professionals, as well as a GREAT group of serious hobbyists.

    I am also not so far away from retirement and I have my sights set on doing some commercial signs after retiring. My retirement date is ABOUT 2020. I am building a foundation NOW, to get into the experience of sign-making. LOT's more to be said about that.

    As to BRAND of machine?

    I hear a lot of great stuff about CamMaster Stinger. Great resale value. Lot's of people go to ShopBot, but I don't think they are as robust as CamMaster.

    I am a Senior Manufacturing Engineer in the metal cutting industry which affords me the opportunity to purchase machines for a living. I get lot's of experience at machine purchase, which also gives me a LOT of exposure to machine construction.

    We have a few guys that went through the process of building their own "shop made" machine.


    The two biggest names I hear are Vectric and ArtCam

    They both have their plusses and minuses.

    They both have trial versions

    ShopBot includes a customized version of Vectric V-Carve Pro that they call PartMaker.

    I have Vectric Aspire, and have been using Vectric since 2007

    There are LOT's of free Cam softwares out there - if that is your "thing"

    Please JUMP right in and join the postings!!!

    The CNC Woodworking forum is becoming pretty active

    Everything you posted is RIGHT UP OUR ALLEY

    Art and Creativity - Collide with the Functionality of CNC - priceless
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