In the past we have had problems with linking pictures in posts from off-site locations. For example, pics disappeared from the off-site location, very slow response times due to server overload etc, and the other sites going down for periods of time. Since we have no control over those things, and you, as a free subscriber (in most cases) also have no control over them. Even if you are linking to pics on your own website, sometimes stuff happens.

So that we don't run into these problems ourselves, we opted to go for enough storage space to last us a long time with all of the threads as well as pics and links etc. GoDaddy backs everything up daily, so the chances of losing stuff to a crash of one of their servers are very slim. I feel secure enough in them that I back my hard drive data on my PC to my web space there periodically.

We would like to heartily recommend that everyone upload pics and attached files to the site when posting. This will prevent empty spaces in threads. I understand that the system for uploading is a little more involved than just linking, but with a little practice everyone should become quite handy with it. If you still want to upload elsewhere for use on other sites, that is fine, you can use the link to the pic on that site to bring a copy of your pic here.

There are several tutorials in the Tech and Testing forum explaining how to do uploads and cataloging you uploads.

Your cooperation is appreciated.