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Thread: wood drying

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    wood drying

    I recently cut some oak 2x17s 11 feet long. I end coated them with asphalt based paint and ordered some anchor seal to start using. But I am wondering if there is anything I can coat the entire boards with to reduce cupping cracking twisting ect. It seems like drying slower will be better unless it molds or dries more uneven. what about a clear oil based penetrating stain or linseed or tongue oil. Then it can be sanded or planned off later.


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    Re: wood drying


    Welcome to the forum.

    From what I have understood as I am no expert in drying wood.

    1) coating the ends is all that is required
    2) It takes 1 year per inch of thickness under cover and stickered to air dry.

    I currently have several hundred board feet or red oak drying, myself.
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    Re: wood drying

    As Leo said, only coating the ends is necessary. Oak is one of the hardest native hardwoods to dry correctly as it needs to be dried slowly to avoid degradation. You'll need to stack it so that it's off the ground and put stickers between the layers of wood so that they don't get moldy. Depending on where you are, beetle infestation may be a problem. There is a product called Timbor that you can mix up in a yard sprayer to treat your wood with that can prevent this. I'll link you to a video I shot with one of our members who was our wood drying expert before he passed away and also a link to the Timbor product I mentioned.

    Timbor: https://smile.amazon.com/Tim-bor-Pro...eywords=Timbor

    Wood Drying:

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