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    Thermochromic pigment

    Not sure I should post this here but I bought some thermochromic pigment to test on some metal butterflies because I read that they are not UV resistant and wanted to test how long they will last as I wanted to paint my snowplow pickup so that the roof is black below 72 and white above that temperature. Anyway I mixed aprrox 10 grams of the pigment with 16 ounces of basecoat stabilizer and sprayed 6 double wet coats on the butterflies (flashing off between double coats) then sprayed 6 double wet coats of the clearcoat I use on cars. Now to see how many days this lasts I was told about 1 year outside is about the best one can hope for but now I will find out.

    I took a video of the blue butterflies (below 72) sitting in front of the blower on my furnace:

    What do you think?

    PS: got the pigment here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B076ZZHDV4...J6XN63WBY&th=1
    part of the reason I posted this on the forum is this stuff should last longer in and indoor environment so I thought it may be of some interest in woodworking applications.
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