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    Adjustable Height Spray Table

    I started this project last fall and I'm almost finished with it. The driver for this came out of frustration with not being able to have whatever I was spraying at a reasonable height. So, I'm combining several 'things' I've used over the years into one tool. To the 1/2" plywood I was using I've added a torsion box grid. To the roll around dolly I added a RV jack from Harbor Freight. To the top I've added a floor flange and a 3 1/2" piece of pipe to which I'll use with the top part of my lazy susan I use for spraying. To my displeasure, there is quite a bit of slop in the jack so I'm having to add stabilizers and the last piece of the puzzle. I was going to make a somewhat elaborate arrangement for jacking but it became cost prohibitive compared to the rest of the project. Enjoy.
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