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    Lie-Nielsen #4 Plane

    I talked my wife into letting me buy a L-N #4 plane for Christmas last year and I really didn't put it to the test until today. I will have to say it is a true pleasure to operate. I had two long skinny pieces which were too small for the jointer that I wanted to remove the saw marks from and it was a true joy using this plane. I incorporated Peter Sellers' trick of applying a thin coat of light machine oil to the plane's sole which allowed the plane to glide effortlessly. Its body heft and iron thickness reduced any possible chatter to zero. I'm extremely pleased with the plane.

    I did check the shavings to see how thin I could get them awhile back and was able to produce 0.001 - 0.002". That is something I could never have done with my Record #4.
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    Re: Lie-Nielsen #4 Plane

    Very nice, but I think you mean Paul Sellers, unless you're taking hand tool lessons from Inspector Clouseau. I'm not at all surprised that the Lie Nielson is awesome. I've only handled a few of their tools, but they were amazing.

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