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    dustcollectors, vacuums

    in your shop they are there and you don't pay too many attention for them, tough they are everyday used

    mainly we can buy 2 type, the type honey also using to vacuuming house and the big boy type with huge bags

    I used long time from lowes the bucket max a 20 dollar vac with 2-1/4 hose and it served great the router..
    since that only home depot sells similar but that has only 1 inches hose..
    with little trick I added 2-1/4 hose and it working same great

    reason I posting about this, because I purchased another from home depot a 550 watt ""big boy""
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    Re: dustcollectors, vacuums

    I made a couple of pictures, and have explanation for why and what modified

    after assembling it just barely was breezing, tough it said 400 cfm per hour

    carrying air there are many kind of equipment..

    most of them with impeller and using the centrifugal effect
    some of them with pistons
    some with ""screws""

    most effective is the screw driven compressors
    they are very sensitive for dirt, also chocking them can kill motor in very short time

    next effective is the vane type or you know better as airgrinder, or air drill
    using alternated is the vane vacuum

    theres type high pressure centrifugal vac where impeller like a turbine in a tightly enclosed

    then the household type high rpm vacs

    then the least effective is the woodworking open impeller vacs

    next I posting pictures and more explanation
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    Re: dustcollectors, vacuums

    first I traced down the blades on the impeller

    made a plywood base to replacing the thin plastic that held motor up

    made front and back plate for the impeller

    added extra braces, and added extensions to the blades

    now, the vacuum pulls about 4 times more air

    you all can ask why is it
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    Re: dustcollectors, vacuums

    Viktor, I like this.

    I have not been in my shop much lately due to some large projects on my house.

    I have several things to do in the shop, dust collection is one of those things.

    How is the new machine doing?
    Art and Creativity - Collide with the Functionality of CNC - priceless
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    Icon7 Re: dustcollectors, vacuums

    I am using Shop Fox W1685 which makes for a great way to collect the dust from your band saw, table saw, or any other tool which you find makes a mess. It has a steel impeller which will last for quite a while with the usual wood or plastic debris associated with using a saw, and it comes with both a 6 inch adapter and a Y adapter sized at 4 inches. The Y adaptor is fantastic if you want to make a permanent set up for multiple dust-producing tools. For medium to medium-heavy usage, the W1685 is absolutely perfect.
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