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Forum Rules
General Rules

First and foremost, BE CIVIL. Blatant insults, name calling, etc will not be tolerated. This one needs very little explanation. Golden Rule applies here. When in doubt, show MORE respect than less, even if the other person isn't doing so. Report incivility rather than respond to it.

No chumming the water. Ok, so member B is a real fanatic about (insert hot topic). That's good and fine. Don't intentionally slam that topic just in the hopes of getting a war started. You may find, the chum you put out to draw one shark might just draw a whole school of piranhas.

Language. Strictly PG13 is the order of the day. Please refer to this to see what we're using as the guideline of what's appropriate. If you venture into the R or NC17 rating category, you will be answered with an immediate ban, with no questions asked, no explanations accepted. Just don't do it!

Always keep in mind that other people may not think the same way you do and be sure to open yourself to the possibility that something crystal clear to you may not be to others. When conflicts arise, the best course is to be more respectful of others.

Very simple, here. For the most part, we try to run on a 3-strikes rule for the more severe infractions. Simple mistakes and minor slips are generally forgotten quicker than they happen, but consistent troublemakers will not be given infinite rope with which to hang themselves. Should you be given a warning by a moderator, always keep in mind that the staff is tasked with doing what's best for the forum as a whole. The health and prosperity of this forum comes first, no matter what.

Obviously - these rules are subject to change and will do so to suit the general membership at large.
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!

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